This body and panels represent our greatest effort ever.  There are over 2,200 hours to present a complete ready to mount race unit.  Efforts have been dedicated to have a single style suitable for different chassis, lengths and heights.

Measurements presented are based upon ground clearances allowed as well as ride heights necessary to accept the use of large slicks.

NOTE:  Special attention must be drawn to the original bodylines and contours.  Since no two lines on the car run parallel to one another, movement of front end could present excessive cutting and bodywork.  Upon request we have individual wheel well inserts available for acquiring any special wheel base configuration.


DISCRETION BRIEF:  The windshield has been redesigned to reduce drag by extending the base forward over eleven inches.  It has also been curved for a rounder side-to-side roll.  The roof has been widened side-to-side and front to back.  It has also been lowered over two inches in order to get the fender tops taller.  The doors have been lengthened front to back (larger entry opening) and made taller to get the rocker section down to a more suitable ground clearance.


SPECIAL NOTICE:  Absolutely no factory parts will interchange nor will our parts fit a factory car.   This unit is for racing applications.  Factory door handles might work, but we designed for after market racecar applications.  Hinge provisions are also designed around after market racecar parts.



     Wheel Base as delivered                                                                110.5

           (Negotiable with wheel locations movement)

     A.  Per rules                                                                                       3

     B.  Based on body drop at end of burn out                                         4.5

          NOTE:  Rocker panel area (ground effects) is flat for easy

                       Cutting to either raise or lower roof to accept different

                       Roll cage heights.

     C.  Measured to bottom of rocker (not ground)                                43.5

     D.  Measured to bottom of rocker (not ground)                                33.5

     E.  This has been lengthened 2.5 and is easy area to widen for relocation of rear end.

     F.  Based from ride heights, this area has been designed for clearance of a 26 tall tire.

     G.  Tops of all fenders in these areas raised extensively to generate room for tires and

           even turning of front wheels. 

     H.  Totally reworked to maintain factory look, but also to accommodate tread widths.

       I.  Basic hood even though stock in appearance has been arched over 2 for actual engine valve 

           cover clearance.  The entire hood pan area (mount pocket) also raised to decrease in radical bubble 

           (tear drop) factory design of the front fenders.  Similar rising of panels was performed on rear.  


       J.  As mentioned this area raised or widened for both entry access and to keep rocker panel close

            to ground.  This area, not necessarily in the rules, but based on funny car applications to keep some 

            air out from under body 2.


               NOTE:  Since this point is lower, any measurements taken at rear will not be completely     

                             Accurate at back wheel area.  Basically the car is designed with an actual up hill

                 Attitude along the entire rocker panel bottom.  Refer to dimension B.

          Our unit was designed around the following chassis builders desired specifications:

                            Roll cage minimum height                                     46

                            Rear tire height possible                                       39

                            Rear tread width acceptable                                 66

                            Front tread width acceptable                                66

                            Front tire height-Pro Stock size                            25 (plus 1.5 Clearance)


Some alterations of this body to accommodate special problems different from the gentle and

careful application of heat.  Please feel free to contact us.  We are grateful for your interest.